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Symptoms that require gum treatment

There are alot of reasons for gum problemYou observe bleeding while brushing or flossing. Upon closer inspection, you notice that your gums appear red or swollen. You may experience tender gums, sometimes accompanied by itching and discomfort. Further examination reveals that your teeth appear longer, indicating receding gums. Persistent bad breath persists despite using mouthwash. You may also notice sores in your mouth and changes in your bite. Upon gentle pressure, you may feel that your teeth are loose. Presence of an abscess or pus formation indicates an infection. Additionally, you may notice increased spaces between your teeth.

  1. Blooding while teeth brushing
  2. Gum red or swollen
  3. Sores in your mouth
  4. feel loose teeth while touching
  5. Changes in the alignment of teeth or bite.
  6. Formation of an abscess or pus around the gum
  7. tenderness of the gums

You can get rid of gum problems from the best dentist in Dwarka. They are professional and one of the best dental clinic situated in Dwarka.

Best Periodontist/Gums Treatment in Dwarka

We provide top-notch periodontal treatment by leading specialists in Dwarka, Delhi. Gum disease, an inflammation affecting the gums, can advance to impact the bone supporting your teeth. Effective management of gum disease necessitates the expertise of a periodontist. At DentalQuest Dental Clinic in Dwarka, our skilled periodontists cater to all patients with gum disease, ensuring comprehensive care and optimal outcomes.

Gum treatment in dwarka

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Dr Ashutosh Kumar is one of the best dentist in Dwarka. He graduated from DAPM RV Dental College & Hospital and was awarded Gold medal by RGUHS, Karnataka in the subjects of DA/DH, OP and OMFS. with this prestigious start to his dental career, he went on to achieve greater heights in the field of Oral Implantology. He has experience of placing 5000+ dental implants in both national & Int. patients.

Dr.Ashutosh Kumar expertise in

Tooth Gum Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental Lasers

Root Canal Treatment

BPS Dentures

Loose teeth stabilization



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